01 June 2012

cherry pickin' in the paese

Cherry Picking Cherry Picking Cherry Picking Cherry Picking Cherry Picking

This year Francesco invited us to to make ourselves at home in his trees in the paese.
And that, my friends, is exactly what we did, with Young One eager to climb as high as she might.
And we hope to do so again before the short season ends.
The best part is that we now have permission to frolic in his fields whenever we like.

Access to a campo makes my cartwheel turning girl happy.
Cherry pickin' does it for me.
And Richard? He's happy if the girls in his life are happy!

Grazie, Francesco. 

Have a super weekend!
Find some cheeries :)
(Or some friendly Italian neighbors.)


  1. Cherries just showed up in the markets here in Germany, but with a hefty price tag of 7 euros. Wish Oma hadn't sold her house along with the cherry tree. I guess you will be making jam. Have a great weekend!

  2. we were going to pick cherries today, but it's raining. again. i think we had 4 days of sunshine in the whole season so far. eat some cherries for us!