23 August 2012

Volterra AD 1398 | Medieval Gaming

The likelihood of Richard and I traveling over hill and dale to attend this type of festival is fairly slim. Okay. Honestly. We would never engage in this type of entertainment. But now we have this little person to consider as we wander about here and there, and the older she gets, the more we are forced welcome the opportunity to consider her needs. There is generally hell to pay when we don't. So, instead of spending the day being fussy over wine, cheese, oil, shopping, landscapes, music or art, we agreed to check out the medieval festival. You know, for the kid, to broaden her horizons ... poor deprived child. 

It wasn't all that bad. Another favorite part of the day for all of us, besides our Mona Lisa masterpieces, was the guinea pig gambling. Oh, yes, you read that correctly!

It goes like this ...

Put up the money and select your lucky numbers. (Also show off artwork from nearby Medieval art school...unicorns?)
gambling painter

Hope for a good run as the medieval carnies prep the gaming apparatus. med gaming2

Let the games begin! The basket is lifted and the protagonist is ready.med gaming

With taunts and jeers gentle urging from the betting crowd, the little guy chooses a numbered hole for safety.
little piggie

It turns out that our numbers were not so lucky after all as the piggy failed to choose even one of our numbers as he scurried into a dark hole. The winner walked away with a mystery prize inside a brown paper bag. Looked a lot like vino to me :) Bummer...good thing we weren't there for the wine.


  1. Replies
    1. It was funny and fun! Seriously the best part of the day.

  2. oh, I would have gone shopping for sure! :)
    honestly, in volterra there is/used to be the best pottery artist: a young woman with an amazing talent and creativity. Her studio and shop may still be there, but last time I checked it was about 6 years ago!

    1. Now, I can't tell if you are being a bit sarcastic or not! The city was roped off in a strange way so we didn't see much outside of the festival area. It was a huge part, though.

  3. Uh-oh, I love these kinds of things! I guess I'm a little low-brow. Ha! :) Went to one in Switzerland, but it did not have any guinea pig races which would have been awesome!!! But I do get doing things you wouldn't normally do for kids...such a zoos and flight museums. Ugh. Hate the zoo. Hate the Museum of Flight. Oh, and the aquarium too, did I mention that?

    1. No way are you low-brow!!! I think I've convinced my husband that he wants to camp .... In a tent! All for that kiddo of ours. I don't think I could do the flight museum...kuddos

  4. you had me at guinea pig gambling...that's a trip!