23 September 2012

weekend (-ing)

:: An afternoon with old friends...girls rule! It was great to see kids we've known since Young One's preschool days but don't get to see much anymore. They move too much to achieve any focus.

:: Chocolate pumpkin cookies for a gathering with new friends | (I swear I'm an introvert! I have no idea how we get these invites.) The simple recipe: one box of dark chocolate cake, one can of pumpkin puree, a handful of chocolate chips. 

:: The Third Annual Pumpkin Festival in a nearby village...I sure hope to be there for the fourth annual festa! Really. Have you ever tasted homemade tortelli filled with pumpkin? I can safely say you have not lived until you have.

:: We are still going out on those bikes of ours. Poor girl really needs a bigger bike. FYI: We did not win a million Euros.

:: We made an impromptu stop to shoot a few photos in a nearby vineyard during the bike ride. Usually, I like the "outtakes" better than the poses. Don't you? And can I just say...geeeees, I love the diffused light of an overcast sky.


I hope you had a great weekend, too! I also hope to be able to start posting a bit more than photos here some day soon. I understand if you abandon me because, really, short of my close friends and family, I'm not sure who can stomach much more of "look what I did this weekend" posts.



  1. okay, i am not a fan of chocolate cake but those cookies look amazing! and the pumpkin pasta....that won me over. super pic of you and young one :)

    1. The pasta was divine. And the cookies feel healthy...someone. I don't think they'd be the same without the chips, though :)

  2. Those carved pumpkins are amazing. I need to come for pumpkin festival, I love pumpkin ravioli.

  3. I can stomach "look what I did this weekend"! :) But I can't stomach ravioli di zucca - they taste too sweet, like marzipan, which I love, but NOT in ravioli (mind you, I only had them once).

    1. Nooooo...say it ain't so....it was sooooo good, especially the gnocchi!