16 November 2012

Italian primary school experiences :: {six}

"Wow. Just wow." I use this slightly sarcastic expression from time to time.

I came across this Italian spelling of the word "wow" while helping Young One with her homework recently: "uau."


Solo uau.

It led to me looking up the etymology of the word where I discovered that the first written occurence of it is by a Scottish poet in 1513. 

Since it is one of those lovely onomatopoetic words whose sound marries its meaning, I suppose each language must treat it differently. Well, and the letter "w" doesn't exist in the Italian alphabet; "u" is the closest substitute for the sound. I never really considered that before.

We are all learning. Every. Single. Day.

Another "wow," for the record. On the drive home last Friday, when Young One is the most talkative, I asked if she had the geografia notebook in her bag. She did not, but she did tell me that it was all a mistake and that her notebook is for geometria.  

Disclaimer: I hate generalizations. This is my limited experience at my daughter's tiny primary school lost in northern Italy. If you have a different experience with this, please share!

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  1. I love that you looked up the etymology of the word "wow"...it makes me smile a big happy smile.