04 November 2012

weekend (-ing)

:: Found a pair of "wrestling" salamanders on a walk in the paese Saturday morning.

:: Stopped at a chicken place for a burger while out shopping. Mistake. The burger, I mean. The chicken is quite good and the peanuts, fresh.

:: Started with the holiday crafting.

:: Enjoyed the company of a good little friend.

:: Rolled out the dough, fired up the oven.


Worried a bit about the direction our country will take after the votes are counted this week.



  1. It looks like you had a very fool weekend! Love that miss is making your Christmas wrapping paper. Great idea! Was that dough for pizza? Have a great week! I am looking forward to the elections being over. I am so tired of it all. It always seems so ugly to me. The name calling and so forth.

    1. It seems they are always full...this is just the half of it...the other half I didn't photograph!
      She is making the paper. I've never done it before, so I'm a bit curious to see how it pans out. For starters, when the paint dried, it looks more pink than red! Looks like a pink Christmas?

      So ready for it to be over, too.

  2. I am worried for your country, too. As well for the whole world. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!