14 December 2012

in the spirit, sort of

We are finally (finallyfinallyfinally) seeing a bit of Christmas spirit here!

:: freshly-picked clementines from the South filling our bellies

:: crafting ideas for homemade gifts coming to life

:: tree trimmed and gifts lovingly wrapped

:: an unexpected craft and a plan for more

:: a kitty finding his new happy place


On another note:
Some dear friends recently lived through the horror of waking to a fire in their house full of children in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone escaped without major injury, but the tale is horrific and makes our hearts heavy. We've added fire extinguishers to our Christmas list. Do you have them in your home? We don't. Have you inspected yours lately? Their extinguisher didn't work when needed. It was small, and then it was huge...just like that. Please keep them in your thoughts.