07 December 2012

italian primary school experiences:: {eight}

Recent homework from la classe di matematica...

We often see lots of work that promotes mental math.

With problems like this...
(k=thousands; h=hundreds; da=tens; u=ones)

And those to be solved specifically like this, requiring the students to recognize the logical grouping...
18+15+2=   (18+2)+15=    20+15=35
60+40+75=    (60+40)+75=    100+75= 175

This week I also saw some spelling work.
2237: duemiladuecentotrentasette
1425: millequattrocentoventicinque


Disclaimer: I hate generalizations. This is my limited experience at my third grader's tiny primary school lost in northern Italy. If you have a different experience with this, please share!

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