23 December 2012

not a solution

I've read a couple of articles recently suggesting that American school teachers should be armed. Doing so would allow us to protect our students from psychopaths.
Though I know that this is ridiculous extremist pondering, I also know that both Richard and I will call it quits and run for the hills if it ever becomes a reality: teachers packing heat.
Wake.Up. America.

We are also alarmed by the NRA's solution: an armed guard should be a part of every school staff in America. And as for their offer for a free program of training, compliments of a former Homeland Security leader...again, ridiculous. We already have those well-rehearsed plans in place, and I bet that most other schools can claim the same. We do the drills. We know to cover the windows if there is time, turn out the lights, hide the children, keep them quiet, keep them calm, don't open for anyone, turn off the cell phones...give me a break NRA. We are not bumbling fools who need your expert help on warding off derranged gunmen. The faculty members at Sandy Hook saved lives of children, some giving their own lives to do so. We do not want the NRA anywhere near our schools. It's insulting and upsetting and ridiculous and quite a bit frightening...and a sorry state of affairs in America, land that I love.

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  1. I completely agree - and it's a great thing that the NRA's solution is only being seriously considered by less than a handful of pro-gun legislators. Most Americans, thankfully, see through the BS.