17 April 2013

corner view

corner view / italy:  amazing architecture

Andrea Palladio, "arguably the most influential architect of all time," is a son of Northern Italy.  

Essentials of Palladian Style
• Simple, geometric layout with main hall in the middle of plan 
• Pediment-topped entrance 
• Use of loggias over central rooms 
• Perfect symmetry 
• Sharp-edged cubical blocks 
• Simple, sparse statuary 
• Plain stucco exterior 
• Pilasters running from pavement to cornice 
• Functional but with harmonious proportions 
• Arch flanked by rectangular spaces 

Source:  Martin Gani for Discovery Channel Magazine

One (of the many) of his famous buildings is located near my daughter's [former] school, so we've seen it every single school day for nearly five years now. 
Palladio's collection, The Four Books of Architecture, provided inspiration for Jefferson's Monticello;  even our beloved White House  is built partially in Palladian style. 

You could plan a trip to Northern Italy with the sole purpose of visiting his buildings. People do, you know.

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:: This is repost of content that was originally posted (for Corner View) on March 24, 2010! Of course I am surrounded by amazing architecture, but I ran out of time this week. It's all the fault of the gorgeous weather.


  1. I believe i've never seen one of his building ... shh! :)

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  3. I wish we were going to northern Italy- I would love to see this in person... maybe next time!

  4. Aaaaaaand it's where American Idol is filmed....right? :)

    1. ABSOLUTELY! I'm impressed that you remember that! I wonder if Maddy even remembers it; she was so much younger.