19 July 2013

I <heart> NYC.


Of course I do. Did you think for an instant that I wouldn't? My favorite thing? Her people, of course. Good God, I love diversity.

As much as I love my home in Italy, I usually don't experience great diversity there. And while we've been taught that America is this great melting pot (or gumbo pot!), I'm not so sure it still holds true for most of America, at least not in the places I visit. Just hang out at a resort in Texas Hill Country or the suburban mall of DC or even the French Quarter...different places, basically the same people. Yes! That's a pretty bold statement for a city as diverse as New Orleans, I know.

Yesterday as we made our way home, first in Penn Station in NYC while waiting for Amtrak and then on the Metro system of DC, I noticed the not-so-subtle change in the people. By the time we reached the Metro we were back to a very homogeneous crowd, and even though different ethnicities were present on that Metro, everyone was somehow...the same.

This was never, ever the case in NYC, even when we did the very touristy things.

I could live there.

But not over Paris, of course.


PS. I'm homesick and counting the days until I'm home in my simple little Italian village, the one where WE provide the diversity ;)


PS2: Have you been to NYC? I'd love to hear your experiences about diversity there? Am I totally off the mark with my comparison of it to most of America? I think I've just been under a rock.



  1. We have been to New York! The accents are the first thing that pop out at us! Even though we live in the south, the area where I live is a melting pot of people and there are no southern accents. Next all the artist and even they are diverse and can't say they look like artist. In New York, you have the suit (financial district) to people from all over. It is so great! Don't get talking about food! Yummy! When I am in Europe, I begin to get sick of the food because their is very little diversity. You really have to search out other food options.

    1. Yes. I just dig the vibe...did I just write that? Lol.