04 July 2013

Texas Summer :: July 4th



Untitled by Ab the Flagman
House of Blues Collection / Ogden Museum of Southern Art


Happy 4th deep from the heart of Texas! What the heck are we doing in Texas?? Summertime is always full of back road adventures with my family. My people love lakes and will travel great distances to seek them out; this time we are at Lake LBJ, near the birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson, surrounded by mobs of Texans! Who better to celebrate with on the 4th of July?



  1. Happy 4th of July! Hopefully, it is better weather in Texas!

  2. sounds like a great way to spend your summer... home?

  3. Yeah, about that home topic...I tried and failed. I'm still thinking about it, though and might get it up by next week.