25 August 2013

lago di fimon // birreria miralago

We spent a day on bikes in the area of Lago di Fimon recently. I know...you expect me to extol the beauties of the lake.  It's more like a pond, a stagnant pond, and while folks fish there, I'm quite certain that I would avoid any fish whose origin is Lago di Fimon. However, except for that particularly smelly part near the half-way point of the trail, the path around the lake is quite lovely with a variety of plant life, hissing swans, and feral cats, and I encourage you to explore it on a cool day.

We did just that Saturday with friends from the paese. A great biking adventure along a path that initiates in Valsugana was thwarted by possible bad weather and a sick child. Our back-up plan was the pond...eh...Lago di Fimon

And, well, I have a great recommendation at the end of these bucolic photos from my iPhone...

Crawfish have invaded the lake and are wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem; locals call them Gamberi Killer. A recent article in the local newspaper warned that we should not eat them. I'm not sure if I'm buying that, but I doubt I'll be hosting a crawfish boil either. "Wasted opportunity!" says the Cajun in me.

We left Young One with the neighbors for a picnic and made our own giro of the lago, stopping at a place near the lake with a great selection of beers. Oh, yes we did!

Our friend Michael, who was one of those visiting people from July, the one who took us to La Pria, found an absolute gem of a place on/near Lago di Fimon: Birreria Miralago

We shared a (pizza dough) bruschetta with blue cheese, walnuts and Speck along with a couple of beers. They have several from Germany and Belgium on tap; I chose a Belgian St.Bernardus white beer that brought me joy. I don't recall if the selection includes Italian beers, but really, why bother?

Everything was superb, including the lovely terrace. I recommend that you give it a try; just head to Lago di Fimon and continue until the last parking area, where the birreria is on the right. They are both child and pet friendly :)


Btw...there is a man-made lake stocked with trout that is just a bit past Lago di Fimon. You show up, fish, and pay for those you take home.  Not ideal but perhaps a better choice for fish than Fimon, as long as you don't think too much about what they might be feeding those fish. Just follow the road that runs near the birreria.


  1. Oops, I accidentally just deleted what I wrote. If not, then just delete this second comment. My husband would just woof down that pizza. It is one of his favorites second to the veggie pizza. As to the crawfish, I can't seem to get past their size because they are so small. Funny because I eat lobster but I guess they don't seem as bug like. I imagine they are tasty though. Have you seen our new little cutie we get to bring home in a few months. If not, stop on by. Have a great Sunday. Kelleyn

  2. Love love love the picture of the YO hanging upside down from the tree--such a perfect expression of a child her loves childhood. Perfecto!