08 September 2013

Madonna di Campigilio

On our last morning in Madonna di Campiglio, we stopped at a local caseificio to purchase a couple of souvenirs (cheese!) to bring back to the paese. In addition to a couple of local cheese selections (cheese from unpasteurized milk is the speciality) and salami, we scored some organic apple juice from this year's crop of apples in Trentino, the Italian province known for its delightful apples. I've never tasted any juice like it. Fresh and local...nothing beats it. 

We struck up a conversation with the friendly young woman selling us cheeses. Evidently, Madonna di Campiglio is not on the American tourist circuit, and she was somewhat surprised to see us there. We went for the long weekend with some old and dear friends, friends who have in some ways have embraced the dolce far niente culture of Italy, which is essential for a late summer weekend in the mountains.

Because while we did take a three-hour+ hike high in the mountains, we did spend a whole lot of time just hanging out, just being together, just relaxing, just skipping rocks, just eating too many s'mores. Italian mountains are the perfect place to do this, even if kids had to roast marshmallows over a controlled fire in a grill.

I'm ready for the new year.

Madonna di Campiglio is located in the Trento/Alto-Adige region of Italy. It is a popular (and chic?) ski resort during the winter months but also offers great outdoor sports in the summer. We took a lovely hike that began at the top of the 5 Laghi ski lift and then took us to Lago Ritorto and a malga by the same name. Our accommodations were nothing to get excited about but there is a lovely campground nearby in Pinzolo; I'm sure it wouldn't take much to find great lodging.

It's a beautiful area. I'm sure you'll love it.


  1. I agree the apple juice is amazing! We have only ever driven through this reagion. I am impressed that Miss did a three hour hike!

    1. THat has everything to do with her hiking companion, who is just a little bit older and unwilling to complain too much about the hike! In short...he was a good influence.

      The juice really is excellent. I had no idea. I love the I learn so much every single day here.

  2. beautiful!
    I love apfelsaft, though I'm not big on apples (except for "renetta"!)