26 September 2013


Throwback Thursday

May 2007

She received this toy keyboard as a birthday gift when she turned three. Look at those chubby little three-year-old fingers, will you? It was initially intended to be in our home to peak her interest, to let her have a place to bang some keys, to cut her chops ... but she actually has spent the last two years learning the basics of piano on this toy.

And because her interest has lasted a couple of years (with a healthy combo of bribes and threats) and because her father spent many years in music education and because we all share a fundamental belief that music makes a difference and because she sings in the shower like nobody's business and because we found the perfect thing at a local store, we upgraded to something a bit more serious recently. Finally.

Last week we passed the toy along to another family with little ones with hopes that it will bring some joyful noise into their lives. Noise is a definite...joy might be a little illusive with this toy, at least for mom and dad.

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  1. My boys have had no interest in music, but I am hoping that Addy and Avery will want to learn an instrument. Loving these throwback photos.