14 September 2013

this one

This one started fourth grade this week. La quarta.

She's a study in contrasts, this one:

hanging on to being our little girl while also being ready to explore that next phase of tweendom; 

playing with Legos and stuffed animals, always stuffed animals, while also asking to download new pop songs on her ipod;

proudly reading and discussing the same Percy Jackson book with her friends while also curling up in her daddy's lap for a story from him;

making herself lunch in the kitchen while also asking for company in her room in the morning as she gets ready for the day;

choosing random t-shirt and shorts along with hair pulled back simply in a pony for the first day of school while also confidently striking a pose during the obligatory photo shoot.

This one is changing, but not too quickly.
Her first two days went very, very well this week.

She did mention that she was the only one who wore shorts on the first day of school, and when I gave her the "I told you so" look...this one assured me that she was perfectly okay with that.

This one has come a long way.
Oh yes she has.

My heart is proud and joyful.
This one.


  1. I guess she isn't wearing uniforms anymore if she wore shorts to school. My children wear them as long as they can which will be into the first week of November. Looks wise, she is a perfect mixture of both you and your husband. Have a great weekend!

    1. She is still required to wear the smock over the clothing. It's "soooo hot" at this time of year that she avoids it until the last moment.

  2. what a silly rule the grembuile is (and school uniforms, in my opinion).
    because I'm in a Italian saying phase, here's one for today "chi ben comincia e' a meta' dell'opera"