19 October 2013

folgaria: east vs west

I spent a day in the Alpine village of Folgaria recently. Located near the border where the Veneto region meets Trentino-Alto Adige, it's considered a good skiing destination in this part of Italy, though it's not quite ski season yet.

I did meet a character of a property owner there who did his best to describe the difference between the west and east sides of town to me; I love that there is such perceived differences in the two, in the one-mile stretch.

I come from a small place called Grand Point, though grand is certainly a misnomer. Locals there will profess a marked difference between the "front of Grand Point" and the "back of Grand Point." My family hails from the front part. When I was in middle school, I used to ride my bike the quarter of a mile to my friend's house in the back. It was like another world, just like the east and west of Folgaria. Just like it. East is preferred, according to my new friend...though his nicer properties are in the west.

These photos were all taken in the mile stretch that separates the two parts of Folgaria centro, which is mostly a pedestrian zone during the high season. I'm sure you can see all the differences, can't you?

We are more alike than we are different. Aren't we?


  1. We are certainly more alike than we are different and travel makes us realise this. :)