04 October 2013

TBF: Remembering

Throwback Thursday Friday

Bologna | February 2008

It's interesting, the things we choose remember about the past.

I remember clearly that we drove to Bologna to join in the celebration of a dear friend's birthday. I remember our children chasing pigeons in Piazza Maggiore as well as the encounter with these clowns. I also remember very vividly that Young One's clothes are all newly purchased at a local Benetton store in Bologna and are a size too big. (Not the gloves...those are a direct indication of Leslie's good taste.)

I don't remember the details of what led to that unexpected purchase...some accident or another along the way. That kind of impromptu mini-emergency and planning failure would launch me into frenzied panic mode back then; I think I'm better at it now. (But maybe I'm not!)

Poor kid still gets car sick at times and has begun to routinely barf on planes. She has since learned to use the designated bag thus cutting down on our impromptu shopping. That's how we measure progress, People. :)

Interestingly, I can remember most episodes of travel barfing. Ahhh...the memories!

Have a great weekend! As always, we have LOTS on the agenda.

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  1. The thought of throwing up in a car or on a plane (or worse, being next to someone who is) still stresses me out to no end! I can't deal with it. Yup. I still have those issues! Maybe I should get some help.

    I hope your school year if off to a good start. Mine is. We have such a nice group of kids. They don't do a ton of homework, but they sure are nice. So many of them even say thank you as they leave. Can you believe it? THEY SAY THANK YOU!!!!!