13 October 2013

weekend [-ing]

The weekend was filled with good times with good people, including a senior photo shoot with the youngest daughter of a friend and a fortieth anniversary party for a couple who found true love all those years ago when the wife was a senior in that very same high school.

We welcomed fall with cooler temperatures, rain, minestrone, ciclamini in the flower pots, and smoke billowing from chimneys. When the rains finally stopped the air was clean and crisp and free of the smog that normally blankets this area. I love the rains for this reason.

And how can you not love that fall bouquet I found at my local flower shop?

And the bonus to this weekend...a holiday tomorrow :)

Hope your weekend was lovely as well.

1 comment:

  1. love all the photos. i too potted ciclamini, classic pink "ciclamino" color, but i'm in a white mood, and need to get white ones at the market tomorrow.