06 November 2013

corner view

corner view :: wine

When I first arrived in Italy twelve years ago, I didn't know very much about wine...except that I didn't care for it all that much. Consider that I was exposed mostly to cheap supermarket Zinfandel (in a box!) before then, and it's not all that difficult to understand, is it?

Today, I only know a little more about wine, but I have grown to love and appreciate it...so much that I can't imagine my life without it. Therefore, I am never leaving Italy. Ha! How do you like that logic? It's a big jump, but I don't have time to rationalize my fallacies in this post.

I won't bore you with what I know because likely it will only lead to you thinking I'm some sort of wine snob, when, in fact, I am no kind of snob, wine or otherwise.

Good wine is wine that appeals to you. That's the simple truth to it.

I now live in a place where I have the opportunity to taste an incredible spectrum of wines, where the supply is generous and so are the people who surround me.

This is how I have come to be a regular wino with tastes for and opinions about wines. I drink them. A lot. I know what I like, and it is still not Zinfandel. But I must tell you, I have had good wine in a box; it was a lovely rose from Provence. And it was pretty cheap, too.

So...I've come full circle, haven't I? Back to cheap pink wine in a box! And travel to Provence.

Sounds logical to me.

I'm still not leaving Italy, though.
(Except to move to France, of course.)

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  1. i don't like rose, but I did once have a wonderful rose ... in France. So, yes, maybe I too should consider moving across the border and drink rose (though not from a box! and not if it has a screw top! a re-fillable jug? yes! :))

    1. But the winemaker convinced me that the box was best for this wine that would be consumed pretty soon. Oxygen is wine's enemy, no? The bag in the box is like a vacuum...no air.
      At any rate, it was a Frenchman who brought me to the cantina and a Frenchman who convinced me it was okay. I'm buying it.
      And it has nothing to do with the Frenchmen.

  2. Your logic fits perfectly to me! I think that's a perfect reason to stay in Italy (or move to France). I actually had some wine from Pennsylvania last night. I was a little hesitantt, but it was very good! A nice surprise :-)

  3. Your post this morning made me smile and your photo is just charming! Thanks for a good start to my day!

  4. The Italians are famous for their great wines. I miss the warm evenings on the lake with a glass of wine in hand. This summer I've had some good wines in Brittany and Elsa. Also very tasty. And often very cozy.

  5. I like your comment, funny :) I bought the white wine in a box at a winemaker in the area. And now, we have to bottle it because it will keep better. Unless we drink it fast ;)

  6. I love wine too, but I´m not a connaisseur and maybe I would like rosé if I went to France :)

  7. I'm not a big fan of wine, I prefer rose too!!
    In the Netherlands we also have wine...take a look at my blog!

  8. Here we are teached to love it...or instead mix it with coca cola...try it...with ice...really refreshing....called Kalimotxo.....
    Love your post!