24 November 2013

weekend [-ing]

:: Prepping for Saturday Night Dinner ::

:: Alpini Sighting on Sunday ::

:: Me & My Girl ::

:: Bathroom Light  :: (Yes! Ms. L. We both have that little tower in the same room. Great minds, great minds.)

:: Persimmons at the Market ::

:: Bliss for Luigi ::

 :: Love is patient. ::

:: Camisano Market Crowd ::

:: A Christmas Surprise in the Works ::

:: We CAN handle this market that she drug us to this morning. ::

I hope you had a lovely weekend, too. I am feeling pretty grateful as I compose this post this evening, for our commitment to each other and for our connections to others. We spent most of the week in the company of others, friends old and new, and it just felt good and right. We'll do the same this weekend as we celebrate Richard's favorite holiday. I hope this feeling can last throughout the remainder of this holiday season.


  1. The Eiffel Tower IS a great ring holder while I am in the shower!

  2. A lovely weekend! The noodle looks like it is going to make something amazing! Love the Alpine Hat sighting! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!