16 December 2013

December Daily | 13-15

The Weekend.

I hope to add a second page for December 15 that includes snapshots of the party we hosted Sunday, especially the kids performing in the musical review. Saturday Richard brought in mics and speakers and other little elements of technology that I don't understand to prep for the show. Like old times for him. I think he kind of liked it.

I'm struggling with the privacy issues again. Nothing has ever happened, ever. But these aren't all my kids. Trust me, there are big bright smiles behind those turquoise ovals.

See you here soon, I hope.
We have an incredibly busy week ahead with a dance show, a school recital, a 50th birthday celebration, some baking, an arts and crafts play date, and, weather permitting, a Santa run! And this is all before Sunday. It just wears me out thinking about it. There is no place like home.

And, oh, that Prosecco & Chambord cocktail is a perfect holiday treat. Try it!


  1. Looks like you have been busy making caramels! Yummy! I just found a recipe for microwave carmels that I can't wait to try. DOn't know if it is easier than Ida's recipe. Wi

    1. I think that the Ina recipe is so easy! I've never had a batch go wrong, but I'd love to hear your experience with the microwave version. I would imagine that different microwave ovens would heat differently, making it difficult. IDK.