12 December 2013

December Daily | 9-11

Some thoughts:

:: The December Daily project originates with Ali Edwards, a graphic designer I've followed online for some time now.

:: With this project I obviously have issues with keeping the design elements closely related from page-to page. I am OKAY with that. I think. I hope. NO! I am.

:: I am clearly struggling with fonts! Not so clear? Maybe it's just an internal conflict. I'll have to revisit font choices when I'm done.

:: I'm creating most of this content, but I did purchase the December date stamp brush and a couple of other related elements for Photoshop here.

:: Everything I know about Photoshop I have learned from talented teenagers.

:: I took the photo of the sunrise on my way to work on December 10th, not 11th. Goodness, I couldn't play by rules that don't allow this. I actually pulled over and got out of the car with my DSLR and my iPhone. Wouldn't you have?  It's coupled with the song Young One and Richard have been rehearsing over and over for this year's family Christmas show. Have you heard the Barenaked Ladies version of this song? Festive!


  1. You are doing awesome!! I am beyond impressed. And I love the sunrise photo- perfect!

    1. Thanks for your very kind words, Karen. It's been all fog, all day since that beautiful morning.

  2. Are you planning on printing a book or keeping it digital? I like how you are using Ali's date stamps.

    1. I will print something, somehow. I haven't quite figured it out just yet. I did create the squares with a high enough resolution to have them printed.