24 January 2014

@ the Italian primary school :: 20 :: church and state

Richard recently attended a school curriculum presentation at a local public middle school where he was handed, among other things, this brochure about the Catholic religion in the schools. It provides the same information in six languages. I don't know if the brochure is school-sanctioned, but it was distributed by a middle school student during the presentation.

His only report about religion was that he met one of the teachers, who seemed much nicer than the crabby one Young One is currently enduring at her private, Catholic school. A few days later, the three of us toured the school with a group, and I did notice student-created posters about other religions in one of the otherwise stark classrooms.

For the record, Young One and I are Catholics and Richard plays along the best that he can. I'm not really interested in a discussion about my religious beliefs, but I will tell you that Catholicism is very much a part of the culture of who I am rather than my religion, and it certainly makes it a lot easier to fit in in this country.

Nevertheless, I have lots of thoughts and opinions about the place of religions in schools, too...which I will also keep to myself...as I am only trying to present the facts (as I see them) here, folks.

Disclaimer: I hate generalizations as much as you do, probably more. This is my limited experience at my fourth grader's tiny primary school lost in Northern Italy. If you have a different experience with this, please share!


  1. while i believe that spirituality must be part of child's upbringing, I've never trusted the Italian state to do that for us :)