05 February 2014

corner view wednesday

corner view :: vision

Tuscan Sun, Shining Brightly
April 2007

About the only thing the good folks of the water-logged Veneto are envisioning right about now is the sun, so today I give you a beautiful shot of the sun...in Tuscany, of course...where the sun shines perpetually. Right? Can anything beat the Tuscan sun? There is a reason for the cliché, you know.

We are packing up the wagon and heading to the mountains this weekend, where I am expecting to find snow and hopefully SUN! ... but anything will beat this rain in the plains that stays mainly in the Pianura Padana. Just ask Amy.

Corner View is a weekly appointment shared by people around the globe, an appointment started in the spring of 2009 by Jane in Spain and currently hosted by Francesca over at Fuori Borgo. We welcome you to join us; next week's theme is "slow."


  1. Have a great weekend! Beautiful photo! It is a vision.

  2. it's sunny here in Liguria today ... just for one day :(
    enjoy your weekend!

  3. it is true, i have said it more than once - the light here in tuscany is amazing. i don't know how or why but it is unlike any other. pure magic.

  4. A beautiful vision. Enjoy your sun and snow.