20 February 2014

in the mountains or 50 shades of white

Sometimes taking a group picture of these four is like herding cats.

We have been spending some of our time in the mountains at Passo Coe, which is just past Fondo Piccolo in Folgaria (Trento.) There is a fantastic ski school, Sci di Passione, there, where Young One has had a couple of lessons, and this area is also great for walks and sledding. Free WIFI and tasty mountain beer, too, my friends. And did I mention the Cold War remnants? They are indeed a contrast to the general peace and tranquility of the area...a few missiles emerging from the snow.  Goodness.

There is something for everyone.

This weekend we are going to try out snow shoes or ciaspole. Yes we are.


Which shade of white is your favorite? OMG.........I can't even begin to take a picture in the snow. Shooting in RAW has saved my behind, I tell you. Or least I thought it did...but it turns out I have 50 shades of white! What's your favorite? Personally, I LOVE them all. Variety is the spice of life, or something like that.

A dopo.


  1. 50 shades of white? well, if the eskimos have 50 words for snow, then it makes sense :)

  2. Interesting contrast of the beauty to the missiles! My children would be jealous! Me not so much! I kind of like it indoors where I can sit by a fire, drink hot cocoa, and read a good book.

  3. The old war missiles are interesting against the beauty of the mountains. My boys would be jealous! They love skiing! I have given it up for a cup of cocoa and a good book by the fire. Someone has to stay back with the little ones. It's a hard job you know! Glad you had a fun trip!