01 April 2014

and we're done, just as we start again

go, Baby Girl, go

We are done with the snow-covered mountains of Folgaria until next winter. Young One completed the season with a noncompetitive "race" Sunday, and we said our farewells to the good people at Scie di Passione.

And now that we will be spending more time at home...we have a long list of fun and exciting things planned:

1. Prepare the garden.
2. Pressure wash the patio.
3. Stop ignoring the dust.
4. Remove the snow tires.
5. Attack the spider webs.
6. Clean out the fireplace.
7. Rearrange the closets for spring.
8. Wash and store the snow gear.
9. Put away the winter bedding.
10. Tune up the bicycles.
Okay. I'll stop there as this could be the list that never ends...

But most importantly...
11. Open the grill!

 How is your week shaping up?

1 comment:

  1. My boys are skiing this weekend in Utah! Then we are off to do the very same things here at our house! We want to landscape our backyard this weekend.