07 May 2014

corner view

corner view :: good memories

Louisiana | Summer 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I would be able to hold on to the good memories as well as I do if I hadn't taken up the hobby of photography. I'm sure my daughter reconstructs memories based on images I share with her. For instance,  I am doubtful that she can remember this encounter in the country with her uncle and cousin, but I know that she could spin a believable story about it nonetheless, while convincing herself that she truly remembers it. (I do remember it well because at the time I was thinking that it was a good thing that her father was not present for all that gun business. Emotions ensure lasting memories.)

Sometimes I wonder when I will ever commit to systematically organizing and printing all of those good memories, instead of just random pockets of them.  I know that the images on the external hard drives are useless and will get tossed, or lost, or forgotten, or stolen. But, there they sit.

And then I ask myself:  Does the cobbler's son ever have a nice pair of shoes? I think not! 

I don't even know what I'm rambling about here...
Thanks for reading, nonetheless.

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  1. I have been using blurb! The books are priceless !!!