08 June 2014

Are you still reading blogs? I have a list for you!

I am still reading, though not nearly with the gusto that I once did. And goodness, I rarely ever comment. I do have a few favorites that I try to follow closely that I thought I'd share with you. These are all Italy-based bloggers.

I'm sharing because I am grateful that each of these women are still active bloggers as each inspires me. I hope you have the opportunity to check them out.

Mozzarella Mamma
Trisha Thomas is a Rome-based American AP journalist who writes about her work and life adventures  at Mozzarella Mamma. Though she rarely makes travel-related recommendations, she did mention a seafood restaurant in Rome a while ago. We checked it out in May. Divine. She then became a bit of a legend in the minds of my family.

Fuori Borgo
Francesca lives in the hills near Genoa in the Liguria region of Italia. At Fuori Borgo, she blogs about the challenges and rewards of life in a rural village near the sea.  A talented photographer, seamstress, cook, gardener, writer, mother, self-proclaimed city girl...goodness, she makes it look all so easy...she shares bits of her personal life and her amazing talents on her blog. She is also the host of Corner View.

Baroque Sicily
Jann Huizenga is a part-time American ex-pat with a home in southeast Sicily. The Sicily that I see glimpses of at Baroque Sicily seems like a world away from my experience in the north of Italy. And I love it. 

Rachel Eats
Rachel from London also resides in Rome, and she blogs at Rachel Eats.  She has a beautiful way with words and an even more beautiful way with food.

Lost in Sicilia
Karen Abend is another blogger based in Sicily that I have followed for quite some time.  She describes herself as an "art conservator, artist, wife and mother." I follow her because, well, because she is interesting, always. She blogs at Lost in Sicilia.  

Just Me, My Soldier, and Our Four Little Chicks
Stephanie Howell is the final person on my list and the only one that I've actually met. She's been a guest on the #patiointhepaese, in fact.  She's an artist, mother, wife, photographer, teacher, friend, military spouse, Italophile with an absolutely incredible zest for life. She is the mother of four very young, active, sweet-as-cherry-pie girls who keep her running, non-stop. I really appreciate her fresh look at Italy that she sometimes shares at her blog, Just Me, My Soldier, and Our Four Little Chicks.


Do you have a blog? Do you have a favorite Italy-based blogger? I'd LOVE if you could share in the comments.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you are having a great Sunday in your part of the world. Are you guys coming to the states this summer?

    1. THis summer we have some very special visitors in Italy and will not be traveling to the States. We do have some adventures planned here that we are all looking forward to.

  2. so sweet Dana! my favorite Italy-based blogger writes at 3ingiro :)

    1. oh, you are very kind, my friend.

  3. Thanks for the links :)