18 June 2014

corner view

corner view :: one year ago, five years ago

I tuned to the archives of 3inGiro to find a post from a year ago and to my original blog for a post from five years ago, the blog that got started when we purchased our home in Italy back in 2007. 

At this time in June we often find ourselves in some state of travel...in the middle, planning, preparing, fretting, returning, unpacking.  This is true for both of the posts from the archives.

One year ago we were at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana in a place called Grand Isle with my sister's family, attempting to catch our dinner. In the second picture, my dear brother-in-law is hammering the lines into the sand, each line dotted with raw chicken meat, while a shrimp boat is trawling in the background. You didn't know that crabs love rancid chicken? We caught some, we bought some. All good, Louisiana Blue Crab.

Five years ago, we were in the midst of preparing for a trip to Sardegna with friends, our first and only trip to the island paradise. Below is a video of Young One and her buddy discussing the method of transportation. He knew everything while she was blissfully unaware of any details. This echoes travel planning in my house...only reversed. 

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." -- Giuseppe Verdi
"You may have Italy if I may have Sardegna." -- Me.

And today I am likewise planning for a bit of travel with some VIP's who will be here in less than a week.  Exciting times.

Corner View is a weekly appointment shared by people around the globe, an appointment started in the spring of 2009 by Jane in Spain and currently hosted by Francesca over at Fuori Borgo. We welcome you to join us. 


  1. Today your blog is a really nice time machine ;)

  2. I remember those early post on home construction and then watching you finally move in along with all the friendships that have been made in the paese? Spelling. Hard to believe I have been participating in CV for 6 years now. What journeys our lives have taken. Watching children grow up, good moments and bad, and many adventures. Sardegna is on my list of places to visit though I want to go to Capri first. In 3 years my husband and I will hit the 20 years of marriage marker and that is where I want to celebrate!

  3. what a life has been there between all the years!
    so much happened, nice to see your other blog and how is it to have moved away from the states to italy?

  4. i hope sardegna is in the cards this summer again for you! i'd like to go to corsica ...

  5. You taught me something today: the history of crabs and rancid chicken! :D :D :D