02 June 2014

makin' groceries on a Sunday

Yesterday we needed to get a few things from the grocery store.
And, yes, quite unbelievably, there is a fabulous grocery store open on Sunday morning in these parts.

This is our ride back from the store, which is about 8 km away, taken mostly while in motion with my iPhone, of course. We bought prosciutto crudo di San Daniele, melon, Saturn peaches, goat cheese, and cucumbers. (Because I thought you needed to know. Our urgent need to visit the store was for lunch, specifically for the prosciutto and melone.)

I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Making a run to the grocery store, even on Sunday, ain't so bad, is it? 

Have a great week! We have officially started the countdown to the end of the school year: two weeks!