13 July 2014

Veneto Via Vespa, going places

I am now the owner of a Vespa, ya'll.

It's a sweet little red Vespa S50, compliments of my lovely husband, who drives a fourteen-year-old Honda 150.

It's brand spanking new & the sweetest thing the roads around here have seen in a long time, even if it only goes 50 kmh. (That's 30 mph.)

And it's going places, this little Vespa S50; it's exploring the places of the Veneto one day at a time

You can follow the adventures of my little red Vespa S50 on Instagram on VenetoViaVespa.

My aim?  Fun. That's all. Clean, plain fun in the country, mostly the back roads of the province of Vicenza. We are going places and snapping photos with my phone as we do.

I've been riding little 50's since my sister (6 years younger) received one from Santa when she was a mere twelve-years-old. Gasp! We lived in the rural South, where children ride motorized vehicles soon after learning to walk....or ride a bike, at least. It's all good. Santa was always good to us kids. He made magic happen.


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    1. :) :) :)
      I've waited forever for this!

  2. How fun! Congratulations! Fun adventures ahead!

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    1. In time, in time. I think it's exactly what you'll need in Tuscany. Hope that dream is still alive for you.

  4. I have total "Vespa Envy" right now! :) Enjoy!

  5. A true symbol of Italy, I miss my vespa from when I was younger.