17 August 2014

summer 2014 snapshots | cousins in Verona

Verona, another jewel in the Veneto region, is easily reachable via car or train (and likely bus) from Vicenza in less than an hour. Every single time I visit this beloved city, I walk away with the same question: "Why is that we don't spend more time in Verona?" This visit was the same.  I'm serious: Every. Single. Time. 

More of Verona:
That time we went to the opera in the Arena (with a great osteria recommendation)


  1. i once got stuck in verona for a whole day, and after visiting the arena (i was the only soul there in the morning, and it was gorgeous) i found it hard killing time!

  2. I would give almost anything to kill time in Verona! Love seeing how you spent the summer!

    1. It was a different kind of summer for us, that's for sure. I loved every second of it.