20 August 2014

summer 2014 snapshots | mountain time

Which way should we go next?

Of course we spent a couple of nights in the mountains. These Cajun folks all grew up in the Mississippi River Delta, where the only bumps in the landscape are Cypress knees in the swamp and the levee restraining the mighty Mississippi. They HAD to experience the Dolomites. 

And it's one of my favorite places in Italy: the vast expanse of mountains that covers much of the north of the country. All of it. Favorite. Both the German part & the Italian part.

Here I am!

And just in case you think that Young One is completely cooperative all the time...here she is imitating a cow in the pasture...or refusing to walk another step.  Moooooooooo!

We rented an apartment in Siusi all Scilar for a couple of nights, and we were able to fit in two great hikes for the short time we were in the mountains: from Siusi to Laghetto di Fiè and the Giro del Bullaccia, which begins in the alpine meadow & requires the cable car.

The weather was perfect, the scenery unmatched and the company divine. I am certain that we could have spent the rest of the time together in the mountains. Instead we headed South.

More Mountains
Hiking some different mountains, Madonna di Campigilio

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