01 October 2014

corner view

corner view :: in my wardrobe

Girls' Trip 2012 | London
I have no idea what is so rip-roaring funny here, but I can assure you that this moment is as real as it gets, an authentic capture by the one girlfriend not in the photo who continued with the shutter long after the orchestrated group shot on the London Eye was taken. 

I'm in the middle, with the white shirt & black pants, quite a true representation of much of the clothing "in my wardrobe": black, white, grey, blue and generally very, very basic and informal with an occasional burst of color from an accessory or another here or there. You might call me boring or perhaps "fashion challenged." I'm okay with that, my dear. I own it, in fact.

Corner View is a weekly appointment shared by people around the globe, an appointment started in the spring of 2009 by Jane in Spain and currently hosted by Francesca over at Fuori Borgo. We welcome you to join us.


  1. I think my closet was pretty much the same until we moved to Georgia and then gradually piece by piece more color pieces creeped into my closet.

  2. I like the joyful atmosphere of this picture :)

  3. This is a wnderful shot of friends. Like it very much.

  4. Looks like a fun group of women to hang out with :-) And now boring at all. You DO own it!

  5. Me too....those colours are mine

  6. Simple is the best. ;) I'm the same way