26 October 2014

walk with me | Costozza

We spent a good part of Sunday exploring the nearby village of Costozza, again.
Man, do we live in a beautiful part of this country, this region, this province.

The word "Costozza" is derived from the Latin "custos / custodia," the same as the modern English word "custody" and essentially means "to keep, to protect." The village of Costozza is filled with secret caves and underground passageways, many man made, that have provided protection through the ages, from storage of the local wine to shelter from invading armies.

The Church of San Michele (400)

One of the Many Limestone Covoli or Caves of Costozza

A Few Women Out Doing the Weekly Wash

Villa Trento Carli (1645)

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate

Beware! She has potions!

(She and the wash women were a part of the Spettacolo di Mistero.  Or were they? Things change rather slowly in Italy.)


  1. Italy is one of the places I never get tired of! Somehow old is so beautiful when it is in Italy!

    1. Yes! I know exactly what you mean.

  2. p.s. didn't get a chance to comment on your last post. Tell miss to stop growing up!

  3. P.S. tell miss to stop growing up!

  4. i'm not sure what to think of these reenactments that are becoming so popular ... well, at least it isn't half naked roman soldiers in front of historical sites (though, of course, i wouldn't mind them if they looked like those roman statues ... :))

    1. It was done by a theater company and was quite well done, I thought...not like Roman soldiers in Rome or Verona attacking children for money. Ha. They were quite funny.