30 December 2009

2 days: 2 outings



It's been a better-than-average visit thus far with a visit to DaVinci's Vitruvian Man (wow!) and a short hike through the Alpine foothills above Vicenza that, at least for us, were "alive with the sound of music." 

We are contemplating ringing in the new year at the Piazza dei Signori with this local band that recently took home the "Best Italian Act" at the MTV Europe Music Awards.  Of course, if the forecast holds true, we'll be watching The Sound of Music for the fourth time in a week (hey... it's good stuff) and watching snippets of the party here.  I'm truly happy either way.


  1. Wonderful. What a contrast!

  2. I know you don't like Venice much, but I love it, you're lucky to be so close (just now I think that would be my sound of music). Enjoy your sound of music. Buon Anno!

  3. I think if I wasn't such a whimp I would be ringing in the New Year in Downtown Atlanta watching the peach drop, but it has been bitter cold this past week and as I said I am a whimp. Have fun whatever you choose. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi, nice to meet you.
    We have been at the traghetto station just a day before you...
    saluti from another Veneto village close to you (Mira Porte)
    from palazzo pizzo

  5. Oh I'm just catching on that your blog moved! HAH! I kept seeing "3 in giro" in the reader and thinking you all were on vacation, der!! Ok, I'm updating the link. Buon Anno!!

  6. hah! Venice and Asiago! You know, we live just under Asiago mountain ;) Have you been up there when it's warm?

    The first time I saw it, it was the "sound of music" land to me. Still is. For my hubby, though, it's the magic place of "Heidi" :)