11 December 2009

{ 3 in Giro }

In my six inch, forty-five pound favorite, albeit impractical, Italian / English dictionary, the entry for "giro" spans three columns in print so small that even the young one must don the reading glasses in her attempts to decipher it.  I read it, all of it, aloud, in an attempt to explain the blog title.

3, or "Tre," is, of course, us . . . also known as "The Party of 3."

"Giro," a masuculine noun (always?!), has several meanings (11 according to my fat dictionary), depending on the context;  I don't think we have one equivalent word in English.

There is the famous Giro d'Italia, Italy's celebrated cycling race.  And, the first time I heard giro, it was in "Giro Giro Tondo," which is the Italian version of "Ring Around the Rosie," without the ashes or posies.  Then, there is the "Giro Pizza" at a local pizzeria;  a pay-one-price eat-all-you-can pizza night. (I know that you don't believe me, but I jest not.)

Some other examples found in my power book:
con un solo giro di chiave : with a single turn of the key
Ieri sera abbiamo fatto il giro delle birrerie:  Last night we did the rounds of the pubs.
Facciamo un giro di walzer: Let's have a waltz.
giro di pista: lap
il giro della morte: loop
Perdemmo la strada e facemmo un lungo giro.:  We lost our way and made a long detour.
il giro delle mura: city walls
giro del mondo:  world tour
prendere in giro qualcuno:  to make fun of someone
Lascia tutto in giro.:  He leaves everything lying around.
Non lo vedo piú in giro da un sacco di tempo.:  I haven't seen him around for a long time.
Cosa si dice in giro?:  What's the news?
nel giro di pochi giorni:  in the course of a few days
stretto giro di amicizie:  close circle of friends
mettere in giro:  to put into circulation
É difficile capire per chi non é del giro:  It's hard for an outsider to understand.

"Giro" fits us, fits our life, and is perfect for a blog whose purpose is to be a tool in helping to document us as we go around, here and there, doing this and that -- getting lost, exploring the world, putting ourselves in circulation, sometimes feeling like we are in an incessant loop, but always continuing onward with the hope of  making a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter, even at "Giro Pizza" night.

Siamo pronti.

3 in Giro

The above examples are all taken from Il Grande Dizionario Garzanti Harzon di Inglese 2008;  trust me, grande, is an understatement.  The geek inside me loves it & put in a special request for it last Christmas.  Non mi prende in giro, per favore.


  1. Hello! Wonderful banner! You must be a photoshop pro, how did you do it:)?
    PS non ci siamo gia' viste in giro da qualche parte?

  2. Is this a test? I did a lot of resizing and layering, that's all.

  3. Finally, I have my answer to what the Giro meant. It is perfect! Thanks for explaining it. I have been wondering since you changed you blog heading.

  4. I just found your blog through Katy's blog and I'm adding it to my blog reader now. I live with my family in Texas but studied abroad in Firenze for a 4 months in 1997. I haven't been back since but love living vicariously through others via their blogs. :)

    So, keep blogging away!