13 December 2009

the office holiday party

Neither Richard nor I are big fans of the annual office holiday party, and we generally attempt to avoid it at all costs.  Somehow Richard manages to avoid most social events organized by his co-workers and remains unscathed socially and professionally.  I think our young one has been a great excuse.

But. . . alas, this year there is a new set of colleagues in his office, and one of those colleagues happens to be quite a vocalist, a soprano, to be exact.  Okay. . . the lady is amazing.  She learned of the man's talent with the guitar & somehow convinced him to accompany her with his guitar at the holiday party: she selected "Mary, Did You Know?" as performed / recorded by soprano Kathleen Battle & classical guitarist Christopher Parkening. (Listen to a clip here.)

I love this man, I really do. Look at that funky musician position of his feet.

I think most people in the crowded room were shocked by the sounds these two created.  Let's face it. . . colleagues providing the entertainment at the holiday party usually means bad news.  Everyone is a musician, right?

Next up on the playlist was this guy & his adorable five-year-old kid.  I asked her mom if she thought the girl would be a bit nervous in front of the crowd, and she informed me that the little girl has been on stage since she was two & has modeled for VersaceVersace makes clothing for little people?  Who knew! No problems with l'autostima with this young one.

Oh, and before I forget:  in our private room the ceilings look like this!  Lovely acoustics for the musicians -- there was even yet another guy who preformed with his guitar.

I don't think I'm quite cured of my office holiday party aversion, but I did have a memorable evening.  Somehow, I even signed up for an upcoming cooking class at the restaurant, along with my husband's colleagues . . . another usual aversion.  Too much wine.


  1. it looks very classy. i looove the new banner. i just started learning photo chop this week. (thought it was about time) i´m making jorge read the manual (have you seen the size of that thing?...) and then teach me it as if i were a third grader... we´ll see...

  2. Wow! I wish I could have heard Richard play. I miss you!


  3. I love that song! What a fantastic location! I am glad it all worked out well. Merry Christmas!

  4. We miss you too, Leslie! Hope to see you soon.

    Chocolate. . .isn't it a beautiful song? They really did do a good job.

    Jane, oh Jane, I feel your pain. Learn by doing not be reading. I started with PS Elements & gradually graduated to full blown PS. Love it and hate every day!


  5. What a spectacular space for your party--that ceiling is incredible! I'm glad you had fun!

  6. Hey I know some of those people! Wish I was there. I've never heard your husband play.