21 December 2009

just plain cold

I'm not sure if I should be thinking of "walking in a winter wonderland" or complaining that "the weather outside is frightful," but let me tell you, it is just plain cold, numbingly cold.

That hike I wrote of previously?  Not a cold chance in . . .

We did feed the creatures;  the birds arrived very quickly once the crowd headed in in search of the fire.  It is that cold -- a kind of cold we don't normally see around these parts.

Of course, the peaceful calm and beauty that comes with this kind of cold makes me thankful that Mother Nature shares it here occasionally.

Up in the kitchen the hostess frantically finished preparing her selection of appetizers and soups, oh - the soups:  chicken curry soup, olive soup, tomato basil soup with tortellini, and one more I can't recall.

Then the grand house began to fill with those returning from the hike as well as those not-so-adventuresome ones who come for "Act 2" of the celebration.  Some years the house swells with as many as 80 guests, but this year the frightful weather conditions kept many snug in their homes & we celebrated with about half that number.

I feel fortunate to continue to be included on the guest list of this celebration each year.  It is likely that our friends will be leaving this home in June;  let's hope that they find another so perfect for their annual Winter Solstice party.  (Let's hope even more that the landlord changes his mind and allows then to stay in this house a bit longer!  Can you believe this house?  . . . and I only showed you a small section of it!)


  1. I remember those kind of cold days in upstate new York. Beautiful, heartfelt thoughts. Glad you are enjoying life.

  2. No, I can't believe that house. But it's not the right time of year to feel envy. How about the olive soup, do you think they'd share that (the recipe)? I never had olive soup!

  3. It does look bitterly cold, but that house is AMAZING. I'm glad you had someplace nice to go on such an icy day! Happy Winter!

  4. Amazing winter shots! Sounds like despite the chilly weather the gathering was warm and cozy.