06 January 2010

10 Things

  1. La Befana delivered the stocking full of candy to our house last night; my daughter could care less about the candy.
  2. I'm giving up chocolate for Lent.  I haven't given up anything for Lent in nearly 20 years; this feels like a good year to start again. Do we even still do that?
  3. I actually enjoyed every single moment of a recent visit from family members, but I am totally drained as a result of said visit.
  4. My Christmas tree is still standing proudly in the corner of my living room, fully decorated.
  5. Hope to watch Julie & Julia this weekend.  Santa brought me the cookbook. You know the one.
  6. Plan to read more young adult fiction this year -- even made it part of an official professional growth plan.  Kinda makes sense for a school librarian. . .doncha think? Starting with this.
  7. Laughed out loud at Wallace's holiday letter, even though I don't know if he meant to be funny; he is a lucky man to have the privilege to be married to my lovely friend.
  8. Next Monday is the big day that we will likely discover whether the young one will be able to attend the school that's at the top of my list.
  9.  I have exactly 13.5 weeks to finish up a yearbook. We will start working on Saturdays.
  10. King Cake season begins today.  I have a bad "uhn-vee" (not sure of the spelling -- it's a bit of Cajun & roughly means "craving" where I come from) for a bit of one.
See you again when I have recharged a bit :)


  1. You will love the movie! It was fantastic!

  2. Julie and Julia is great fun. I would love it if the birthday fairy would bring me a copy too. It's so funny my Italian had never heard of her!

  3. La Befana and a King's Cake? We should totally hang out!

  4. No one has ever commented on my Christmas letters before this year. I think that Wallace has a new holiday job. We are both lucky. He is very, very good to me and he can put up with everything I throw at him.

    As for Julie and Julia...I got it for Christmas. I LOVE that movie and I'm sure you'll love it too.

  5. What kind of King Cake would you like - traditional - plain or one with filling. We will ship this week!

    Happy New Year to all - Love, Mom

  6. We finally managed to put the tree away! Young adult fiction, like the vampire novels (your link didn't upload for me, but I'm on a very slow, second class citizen snowy day, connection today)

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see Julie & Julia! Did you get a chance to watch it? I think it's going to be on itunes soon...yay!