03 January 2010

unschooling with Julius the Bear

Meet Julius.
Julius the Bear.

 Julius in Asiago, Italy

Julius was once just a sweet bear going about his days hoping to find a home, when, much to his luck, Aunt Karen found him and thought he was just perfect for one little munchkin.  Since Julius has joined us, he's morphed into "Julius the Traveling Bear Who Must Be Photographed As We Go About." This is a lot of pressure for the Party of 3 as we are bad, very, very bad about losing misplacing stuff. . .thanks, Zia.

He'll be our Flat Stanley, except that he's not flat or named Stanley, and he won't be sent to relatives and friends in foreign lands (yet). I am thinking of a map or atlas or globe or something (suggestions appreciated) to mark his travels. . . . more authentic learning (from 2 bona fide, multiply certified classroom teachers!) . . . gotta love it . . . no unschooling will be needed . . . first bananas and now bears. . . whew. . . . I knew you'd be relieved.

Julius in Venice, Italy

Here's a shot of Julius being held by the kiddo being photographed by Aunt Karen being photographed by me in Piazza San Marco (or "Pigeon Square," as one relative who shall remain unnamed, called it) in Venice last week.  Julius will get around. . . if I can only remember where I last saw him! I think a ski weekend is in his near future.

And, what's with that unschooling business anyway? Really now.


  1. He is a darling and very lucky bear to go to Venice. Who wouldn't love to go to Venice even in the winter time!

  2. You could have a backpack for Julius to ride in, and put a patch from each country you visit on it. Or just collect a post card from each location to tuck into the back pack. I think a backpack is an important part of this project as you really don't want to be that weird American with a teddy bear in public.

  3. wishing you the happiest of new years! hope we all get around like julius this year:) hugs-jane

  4. I'm with Michelle...how about a homemade "passport" book?

  5. Julius is not only an adorable bear, but a very lucky one to be in a loving family and travel the globe. Happy New Year my friend! xo

  6. Thanks for the great ideas ladies :)
    I'll be sure to keep you updated on Julius as he travels.. . .maybe he'll be my 2010 focus, my resolution.
    Have a great year!

  7. Venice (and an empty square!) and a ski weekend, not bad!