29 January 2010

german souvenir

We generally go for consumable souvenirs when wandering around the globe.  Not much goes better with Italian pizza than German beer -- a couple of cases will actually last us an entire year.  I like that I can mix up the selection of bottles within the case; of course, I choose solely on the shape of the bottle and the design of the label.  What do I know?  We are officially stocked up for now.

Anyone for a pizza? That's what's on our table tonight.


  1. I'll go for the belgium or dutch beers and indeed choose on bottle shape and label (as I do with wines I am affraid to say..)But it does not help if the label is really good but the beer isn't :)

  2. We had mashed potatoes, greenbeans, applesauce, and pork loin roast cooked in the croc pot with tomatoes and Italien seasonings. It was yummy!