28 January 2010

YA Book 2

By A.M. Jenkins
2008 Michael Printz Honor Book

A “Fallen Angel,” whose everyday job is to torment the damned by "echoing regrets to souls," becomes bored with his mundane role in the universe and steals the body of a teen boy.  He chooses an average American suburban teen slacker, Shaun, who is on the verge of accidental death, as his victim and immediately sets a goal of winning the heart, or other favors, from a girl classmate.  Within the first twenty pages he discovers his new male body in the shower, and while he never reaches his goal with the girl, he does discover a bit about human connections.  He also succeeds in improving relationships with all those in Shaun’s life by acting contrary to the ordinary teen slacker, often in a believable and humorous way. (Liked it; perfect for high school)


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  1. That sounds really good! I wonder if the library has it...

  2. If not, then I could certainly lend it to you.