27 January 2010

corner view / italy

 corner view::favorite hangout

Favorite hangout? I’m not sure what you mean. If by hang-out you mean a place outside of my home that I frequent to just chill with my peeps while we sip cocktails or cappuccinos and watch the world go by, then I’m sorry to say that life hasn’t dealt me those cards – even in il bel paese.
I’m a thirty-something working mother who rushes out each morning at "0 dark thirty" and returns most evenings after the sun has set in just enough time to complete the day’s chores before catching my breath and getting the Young One ready for bed. On good days, I will stay up past 9 pm and pass the time with Photoshop and/or blogger, or, if he is lucky, my dear husband.  Being awake past 10 pm is rare.

My Front Patio in the Spring
Today it is covered in a light dusting of snow & most plant life seems dead.

In the times of the year that we aren’t hibernating like bears inside of our warm cave in those hours between work and activities, I do like to hang out on my front patio where I can watch life slowly pass me by in the form of hikers, climbers, and farmers who mosey up my little via.  Occasionally, I’ll even have a cocktail or cappuccino.

Perhaps it is safe to call me a “homebody.”
The summer, of course, is tutta un'altra cosa.

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  1. What, no night life down at the local bar for you:)?

  2. My thoughts exactly! What is hanging out when your a mother to active small children. No such thing even hanging out at home is rare for there is always a load of laundry to fold or dishes to wash. Have a great week in bella Italy. Did I tell you we are coming to Italy in September. My husband has some work in Milan and Rome. I am even trying to fit the Amalfi coast in there somewhere, but I am not sure if that is going to happen this trip.

  3. Your patio looks such a relaxed place to hang out. Why would you need cafes and bars? Seems like so many of us CV contributors are all saying home as our favourite hang out, so I think we must be lucky don't you?

  4. i hear ya! your patio sounds like heaven...

  5. Hang out? Do people really still do that?