24 January 2010

sunday hike

Yes, it is 32 degrees and the cloud cover is thick and the sun is absent and the sky is gray . . . but I had to get out of the house for a bit today.   You know what I mean, don't you?   It just wasn't feeling like an all-day-in-your-pajamas kind of day, even though the conditions were correct.   The Young One and I hit a nearby trail, leaving the birthday boy behind to nurse his awful cold and have some moments of peace in a quiet house.

The next 2 are by the Young One:

We did meet several other brave souls along the trail; funny how a colorful (hat, scarf & mittens)  five-year-old girl climbing the path with her stick can bring instant smiles upon the faces of all those who encounter her. 

Just one more thing:  If you are the proud owner of a full-grown German Sheperd -- yes, I am sure that she is as sweet as a baby doll, just like you say -- I would still prefer if you put your four-legged baby doll on a leash instead of letting her run ahead on the trail, thus scaring the crap out of me and my colorful five-year-old stick-carrying hiker.   Your dog is not a poodle; she is a beast. We don't all think she is so cute and sweet when she rushes toward us -- bady doll or not.    Grazie mille, Signori. 

Note to self -- get a stick for me, too.


  1. These pictures are great! It looks like you had a lovely dreary-day walk.

    And, can I just second your dogs-on-leashes motion? Because, YES!

  2. Dogs are ok, but I do wonder about their owners sometimes. I'm always a little amazed at how some of them see the world, and get more than a little irritated when their response at my complaining about their dog not being on leash is "but it doesn't bite"! So, Dana, did you write about dogs or about your beautiful walk in the woods:)?

  3. Francesca,
    You know, it started as a post about the hike in the woods & I planned to tell you about the interesting conversations I had with the girl, but it changed direction somewhere midstream and focused on the pooch -- while totally omitting the parts about the conversation. I often find myself writing this way.

  4. Yes, get a stick! Once in Sicily I was attacked by the shepherd's dogs. To this day, one of the most frightening moments of my life! I was ok, but the following day, same dogs, differet gal wasn't. Make it a BIG stick ;)