19 January 2010

if you eat the snow, you will not get a gummy

The First Ski Lesson:
  • Garmisch, Germany (Bavarian Alps)
  • 2 full days
  • 5, 5-year-old girls and one English-speaking German instructor
  • 50+ gummies

Scenes from Day One

The lesson actually started inside, after the groups of older kids headed out to the snow.  Afraid that my presence may cause more harm than good, I kept a safe distance from the lesson and was definitely out of range of the instructor's voice for most of the time.

When they moved outside, they spent a good deal of time on one ski.  I also later heard talk of "pizza" and "french fries -- small, medium, and large," which I suppose are ski positions.  At one point I did hear the instructor say, "Don't eat the snow.  If you eat the snow, you will not get a gummy." Poor guy!


After lunch they were all able to move independently down a very slight slope, remove one ski without using hands upon reaching the bottom, and then use that ski as an aid in getting back to the starting line, where they were rewarded with gummies.

The ever-so-patient instructor fed them like baby birds.  I am fairly certain that this experienced and patient instructor is what made the difference for all five of these girls.   He gave off a great vibe that he wanted to be here and loved being with these children. (And for my girl, the fact that she had her best little friend by her side was also a success factor.)

I would say that day one was a complete success -- solely judging from the fact that my girl agreed to continue to day two & I didn't hear one complaint.  The instructor made the lesson as much fun as it was instructional, which is exactly what a kid like mine needs in this environment.  There were lots of breaks and snacks in the warm lodge and a bit more "bonus" fun provided courtesy of the instructor. . . scenes from the second day, which includes this bonus, will follow shortly. 

The progress will amaze you.
Okay, so maybe it won't . . . but at least Grandma will be amazed. I mean, how cute is this?


  1. Love my baby ---- she's growing up so fast. Ask her if she'll teach me to ski next year? LOL Perhaps that would hasten the hip replacement!
    Love, Grandma

  2. oh, thank you for this post!! i'm going to forward it to the friends we're going skiing with.

  3. Yeah! I am glad she had such a good time. Yes, Pizza and French Fries are the postion your skis are suppose to be. Pizza to stop or slow down. French Fries to Go! Love her ski pants!

  4. Looks like lots of snowy fun! We just booked our trip to Garmisch in March...I'll need to send you an e-mail for more details! Did you ski? Not sure my Louisiana legs are up for skiing...looking forward to drinking hot chocolate, reading, and waiting for the ski crew to come back:)

  5. I did not ski. . . maybe next time, but not likely. Oddly, I'm not really even interested in learning. Some friends did cross country ski & that may be more my speed. We have a reunion planned for next year, so maybe I'll do it then. Lucia, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if I don't have the answer, I'm sure that at one of my girlfriends will know --
    i'm working on a day 2 post but time is tight right now.

  6. We've been to Garmisch twice (once to ski)...my hubbie is from the north and doesn't quite understand why I'm so spastic when it comes to skiing. We tried cross country skiing last year which was more my speed but was still tough to climb uphill on skis!