18 January 2010

julius hit the slopes in the alps

We took to the mountains this three-day weekend, and Julius, lucky bear, spent most of his time safely in the lodge or lounging in the room.   The young one enjoyed two full days of ski school, and because we were among friends -- seven families with a total of fifteen little people, he did not get much attention from her.

I hope to have time to share the photos of her first ski lesson soon.  I will say, though, that it went much better than any of us expected, and at this time, we are proud. Yep.  Proud.

It's one thing for a five-year-old girl to carry around her bear to photograph. . . but her Momma?  I thought no one was looking as I quickly snapped this photo of Julius near the fire; however, as I finished a woman appeared from nowhere,  gave me a knowing smile and questioned: "Traveling bear?"  I just nodded, relieved.  Evidently we aren't the only family out there taking animals on adventures.  Now, if only I can get the book of maps together to teach the geography to the growing mind in my care.


  1. Glad the lessons went well. We're going on our first ski adventure in Feb. for a week (in France.) The oldest will have lessons - 2 hours a day for 5 days. I'm totally nervous about it. Totally. It will be her first time on skis. Any tips?

  2. I notice that Julius was fashionably dressed -- love it! Can't wait to see the little one's picts!


  3. Did you close comments on the most recent post? I have awful memories of skiing as a girl, in prehistoric times when clothing was neither warm nor waterproof. My boys started at 4, and they loved it! Are you on the slopes as a photographer only, or will you also do some skiing?