14 January 2010

Julius & zia's derrière

Julius overlooks Vicenza on a foggy Veneto day.

 Julius visits the yarn shop for a bit of supplies.  

You can see that he has acquired a little blue scarf, but just wait until you see his sweater courtesy of zia -- the knitting queen. I give her that title with the utmost respect.  She just shrugs and says:  "I'm British.  All Brits knit."

These Julius photos were taken by the young one, though I did crop them.  Her own little camera in her hands to use at will did wonders in increasing her level of patience as we went about here and there with our latest visitors.  At one point she said:  "This one is for Facebook!" which, of course, caused rip-roaring laughter among the adults, especially since it was one of her zia's derrière . . . no kidding.  She thought that quite comical; luckily, so did her zia.

A road trip is in Julius's near future; hopefully we'll remember to pack him & a camera for the young one. Sorry to say that no map or passport has been made for these adventures. Working on it.... ugghh.

zia = aunt


  1. I love these Julius outings! And it sounds like your little girl is loving them too. What a great idea!

  2. 1. the julius adventures are awesome! love them! my oldest has a bunny that is his doudou and used to go everywhere with us until one of them (we have several) got left behind at a castle. the bunny was ending up in so many photos i thought it would be fun to make a series of them, though that kind of fizzled.

    2. the camera idea for travel is BRILLIANT!!! wow. i'm seriously contemplating two for my older kids. they both adore playing with cameras when allowed (rarely), and this could quite possibly make our travels less painful. thanks for the tip!!!