31 January 2010

saturday hike

Took another hike in our nearby woods this weekend --

Was actually the same trail but a lot different because of the snow --

 Invited a couple of other folks to join us in the adventure --

Brought provisions for a snack break this time around --

Made this interesting discovery --

Called it quits after forty minutes and while all 4 hikers were still smiling--

It is a beautiful little piece of the Earth that we've chosen to call home.
Lucky us.


  1. I think icicles make places really special. I was told it's supposed to be even colder next week, and MORE snow ... perhaps we'll get some icicles here too!

  2. You are right...it is a beautiful part of the world. Fun to see it with and without snow. Hoping we can get out today for a hike. Always good for everyone to get outside!

  3. Those are some awfully adorable little girls:-)