26 February 2010

barcelona: Casa Batlló & the final post

"If one were forced to define Casa Batlló one would have to describe it as an architectural smile, an outburst of the compositional pleasure of someone in full command of his own individual style that enabled him to escape any imitation or school, either in his own day or subsequently."  -- Casa Batlló Official Website

"In the constant company of an audio guide, the tour of Casa Batlló will stir your imagination with the metaphors and representations of nature, in particular the sea, which will inspire you and stimulate your emotions."  -- Casa Batlló Official Website

Another Gaudí work of art, this is not to be missed! Should you ever be lucky enough to visit Barcelona, don't be a cheapo on this one and let the nearly 20 Euro entry fee scare you away.  Dig deep, pay for the entire family -- you won't be sorry.  The hand-held audio guide leads you from room to room and provides an excellent, rather hypnotic, narrative.  Upon completion, I was quite convinced that I was under the sea among the creatures.  After viewing the  "Japanese and Picasso Erotic Prints" exhibit which included some octopi and human interactions at the Museu Picasso the previous day. . .  well, it was perhaps a bit much -- I needed some air.  (No, I'm not a prude!)

I don't think that I can squeeze in another Barcelona post -- I feel saturated.   I also really enjoyed our visit to the Palau de la Música Catalana, which we visited with a guide, and, of course,  the Park Güell.  And the shopping . . . Oh! The Shopping! I could spend weeks in El Corte Ingles, and the ladies in our group were just enamored with Desigual, and bought dresses, coats, scarves, bags, shirts, and hats, oh my!

I love you, Barcelona.  Next time, I hope to get to know a native or two.  I mean, look at them, dancing impromptu in the streets. . . . the energetic pulse of the city is filled with joy.


  1. All I can say is 'wow', would so love to see barcelona and the gaudi wonders with my own eyes. wonderful pics.